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Giclee Defined

In French, Giclee means to spray or squirt. Creating a reproduction is completed in a series of steps, and prints last up to 25 years. Screens are not used during color application, and dot screen patterns are not visible. Giclee machines spray paint in a manner similar to normal inkjet printers but use different inks. Quality is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of utilizing Giclee art reproduction. The process begins by creating a digital copy of the artwork or photogra-phy and ends with applying a finish for UV protection.

Creating a Digital Copy

Artists bring their original works or photographs to a Giclee technician for scanning. A digital file is created from the scan and transmitted to a separate application that formats the file for printing. This is a highly standardized and efficient feature of the reproduction process. It is effective at removing defects and waste from processing, which leads to higher quality pieces of artwork. Ultimately, a Giclee printer with multiple color capabilities receives the image. Larger, more complex machines are available for intricate jobs requiring a wide array of colors.


The very first print created by this process is known as a proof. The artist and technician examine the proof to determine its quality and whether there is room for improvement. Various adjustments can be made to coloring, which gives artists and technicians the optimal amount of flexibility. This part of the production process can become tedious, but careful review and delineation leads to selecting the best print possible. Multiple proofs can be produced until adjustments have been fine-tuned, and a production run is ready to begin.

Production Run

After adjustments are incorporated into the computer system, large scale printing is ready to begin. The Giclee print-ing machine produces consistent, high-quality prints at a rapid pace. Production volumes vary depending on the re-quirements of the artist. Automation of Giclee printing is ideal for creating products for retail sales or business ventures. In addition to increased sales, it is also an added benefit to have a skilled technician available to facilitate the process and answer questions.

Print Materials

Giclee art reproductions are printed on wide variety of materials including photo paper, canvas, vinyl and watercolor paper. Each material has its own benefits, and it depends on the artist and the desired outcome as to which is used. Sourcing the right materials is a process printing services can assist with. Working with reputable distributors is important to ensure the quality of the materials used during printing. Experienced Giclee technicians can also make recommendations as to which materials to use for the best results.

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